Identity Blog Assignment

“How we perform our identity has something to do with our location in the social world as members of particular groups, classes and cultural communities. The clothes we choose to wear represent a compromise between the demands of the social world, the milieu in which we belong, and our own individual desires” (Entwistle, 114)

In light of the above quotation, how might we argue that our clothes represent (or don’t) the kind of compromise Entwistle describes? Do our clothes reflect a tension between our status as individuals AND members of a particular group? If so, how? In order to address these questions and the above quote you need to:

  1. Find and post a photograph (or more than one) that you can argue illustrates Entwistles’s argument and the above questions. This photograph can be pre-existing or an original image taken for this assignment
  1. Post a 350-400 word response to the quote that addresses the questions above and explains how your chosen photograph applies to the quotation, the questions and your own written response.


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