Find your own “street style” through all black fashion (Chui Lok Man Rammie)

“Street Style” has always been a contested and ever-changing term in the fashion history. Different people have various interpretations on what is “street style” because we all have unique point of views. In this fast-paced society, nothing can no longer be stable as everything around us just keep altering, especially fashion.


In “On the Street: A Conceptual History of Street Style Photography”, Luvaas mentioned different definitions for “street style”. It can be seen as styles which reflect real people and locations. It can also be a non-mainstream style which is not covered in fashion magazines. Styles referring to youth subcultures is another interpretation (Luvaas, 30). Among all these definitions, I think street style is “about the personal style of unique individuals” (Luvaas, 40).


In this photo, from the choice of clothes and accessories of this girl, I can see her own personal style. She is wearing a black shirt and black long pants with a pair of black boots. I think this all-black combination of clothes is very special and unique. I am sure this is not a common mix and match of clothes of young people nowadays. The material of her clothes is not cotton but is something similar to chiffon, which gives people a high class and mysterious feeling. I think her clothing reflect her character of being dark and bright at the same time. She gives people a sense of distance when she walks but the smile on her face makes people feel close as well.


The straight-up photo shows the authenticity of this girl. Straight-ups shows ““real” people wearing “real” clothes” (Luvaas, 27). By taking photos of people on the street just in front of a wall, you can see their choice of garment which show the most original and authentic version of a person. Not following the trend but just follow your own personal style is the definition of “street style” to me.

By Chui Lok Man Rammie

Photo taken on 14th November 2017 at around 3:00pm.

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